Why Your Organisation Should Take Information and Cyber Security seriously

Last updated: 2024-03-085 min read time
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In a digital age with increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals, it is more important than ever to ensure that providers work proactively to minimise security risks. Organisations must have the right processes in place to effectively handle information, maintain continuous improvement, and actively manage secure data. 

With secure processes in place, companies can reduce the risk of data breaches and hacking, guaranteeing that all data is handled properly. However, cybercriminals are constantly one step ahead, so you must be prepared and act fast. 

The Benify team has been working to strengthen our employee benefits platform to comply with the ISAE3000 SOC2 (Type 2) security standard: ensuring that our services are secure and can safely withstand cyber threats in the high-tech age. But why is this kind of security standard important? And what can your organisation do to maintain security?  Security_Cyber_2

Information Security and Data protection – crucial in a digital age   

ISAE3000 SOC 2 (Type 2) compliance is an industry standard sought after by many global organisations. Compliance with previous ISO27000-series standards is often good enough for most organizations in the European market. However, Benify's global customers typically request an even more robust focus on security within management teams and companywide.  

"It's a matter of catering to customer needs on the global market – but all customers benefit from the increased security regarding customer data," says Benify's Chief Technical Officer, Fredrik Thysenius, who initiated the effort towards Benify's ISO27000-series standard compliance. 

Five ways to maintain Information and Data Security 

Data protection, legal compliance, information- and cybersecurity may sound complicated – but it does not have to be. Making minor changes and improving awareness throughout your organisation is a great start. Here are some security tips to keep in mind: 

  1. Do not hesitate to raise security-related issues at all levels of the organisation. These issues should not solely be the security team's responsibility; instead, they should be addressed throughout the entire company culture.   
  2. Be mindful of what information you disclose and who has access to it.  
  3. Plan what procedures should apply if an employee accidentally clicks on a malicious link. Be proactive and ensure all employees know how to act when these problems occur. 
  4. Verify that all suppliers and other external parties with access to sensitive information have the same high-level of security as your internal organisation. 
  5. Do not overcomplicate things. To establish a security mindset throughout your organisation, provide departments with short, informative briefings. Keep in mind that small steps can lead to great results.  

Guarantee extra-strong data protection 

Data management requirements have become stricter as our society grows increasingly more digitalised. With cyber threats becoming commonplace, choosing a service provider with a strong focus on data protection is crucial. 

"It's important to have various checks in place to identify and mitigate security risks effectively," says security expert Hans Gartzell, Chief Information Security Officer at Benify. "At Benify, everyone from developers to management is involved. We monitor our systems daily to find attempted cyber-attacks – intrusion attempts happen to many organisations, but not everyone is prepared."  

Benify prioritises your security

As an innovative global SaaS company, Benify has had a robust security focus since day one.  

"Our ISO27000-series compliance is significant and proves we take Information Security and Privacy very seriously. Our examination and compliance with the ISAE3000 SOC2 (Type 2) demonstrates this," says Hans Gartzell. 

Benify aligns with industrial quality standards for Information Security, Processes, and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) etcetera, and we continuously strive to provide the highest security standards possible. This allows our customers to focus on other, more important things while having the confidence that Benify maintains and protects their data. 


Looking towards the future of Information Security

Compliance, continuity, and sustainability are part of Benify's daily operations. Therefore, we will continue standardising our security measures to ensure they are up to date with the latest developments in Information Security — including other requirements set by customers and stakeholders. For example, an environmental certification is underway, and Benify is now certified for Business Continuity Management (ISO22301). These initiatives demonstrate that Benify has the necessary plans and support in place should a crisis arise. 

"Handling our customers' data with care is of utmost importance to us. This is another step in complementing previous certificates, showing we are industry leaders in managing customer data," concludes Fredrik Thysenius. 

Has this blog got you thinking about your data security? Learn more about Benify's data security initiatives in our Information Security Whitepaper.