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3 Way to Boost Recruitment with Benify's Candidate Offer Feature

In today's competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent is crucial for organisations to thrive. However, ...
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Whitepaper Digitalisation

AI-Powered HR: How to Harness a Data-Driven Approach

A recent report found that 76% of HR leaders view the adoption of AI (Artificial Intelligence) as necessary to stay comp...
6 min read time
Digitalisation API & Integrations

Harnessing API’s to Drive Efficiencies and Personalise the Employee Experience

This blog is guest-authored by Oliver Evason, International Advisor | Buyer Enablement, Benify In our previous API blog,...
5 min read time

Why Your Organisation Should Take Information and Cyber Security seriously

In a digital age with increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals, it is more important than ever to ensure that providers...
5 min read time
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4 Tech-Driven Strategies for Global Benefits Alignment

In an era marked by global challenges, multinational organisations are looking for new ways to align their reward and be...
5 min read time

The Future of Insurance: Key Learnings from Industry Leaders

This blog is guest-authored by Brendan Kelley, Head of Provider Sales at Benify The insurance industry is undergoing sig...
5 min read time
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Equal Pay Beyond the Paycheck: Getting the Full Picture

This blog is guest-authored by Anita Lettink, Founder of HRTechRadar. Anita has worked with the largest global organizat...
9 min read time

3 Ways Data Can Improve Employee Wellbeing

As more companies recognise the importance of investing in employee happiness, satisfaction and wellbeing, data has beco...
6 min read time