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5 Ways Data Can Create Impactful Employee Experiences

In today's market, employee expectations are higher than ever. To keep up with these growing needs, organisations need t...
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Employee Experience Product Updates

Benify's Communication Tool: Modern Employee Communication Done Right

Every relationship thrives on good communication. This also applies to the relationship between employers and employees....
6 min read time
Digitalisation Employee Experience

5 Ways HR Can Use AI

According to a 2024 report, 50% of CEOs report that they’ve already begun integrating AI into their company's day-to-day...
8 min read time
Employee Benefits

How to Break Up with Your Benefits Platform Provider (and Find Happiness Elsewhere)

The relationship you have with your global benefits technology provider is more than just a contractual agreement—it can...
6 min read time
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Employee Engagement Employee Experience Product Updates

3 Ways to Boost Recruitment with Benify's Candidate Offer Feature

In today's competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent is crucial for organisations to thrive. However, ...
5 min read time
Whitepaper Digitalisation

AI-Powered HR: How to Harness a Data-Driven Approach

A recent report found that 76% of HR leaders view the adoption of AI (Artificial Intelligence) as necessary to stay comp...
6 min read time
Digitalisation API and Integrations

Harnessing API’s to Drive Efficiencies and Personalise the Employee Experience

This blog is guest-authored by Oliver Evason, International Advisor | Buyer Enablement, Benify In our previous API blog,...
5 min read time

Why Your Organisation Should Take Information and Cyber Security seriously

In a digital age with increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals, it is more important than ever to ensure that providers...
5 min read time