Employee Benefits Total Reward Employee Communication

How Mobile Apps Can Be Used for Total Reward Communication

Before you continue reading this post, we have a little exercise for you to try. Wherever you are right now, take a quic...
6 min read time
Employee Engagement Employee Benefits Digitalisation

Why Independence Matters: Choosing the Right Employee Benefits Provider

Since its formation in 2004, Benify has been proudly independent. But why does independence matter? In this post, we exp...
4 min read time
Employee Engagement Employee Health Employee Communication

Employee Wellness Programmes and How to Measure Your ROI

As with any business cost or outlay, companies want to see a return on their investment. This includes employee benefits...
4 min read time
Employee Engagement Employee Health Employee Communication

Reboarding: How to Successfully Welcome Employees Back to the Workplace

At long last, after a long period of uncertainty living and working through the coronavirus pandemic, companies in many ...
7 min read time

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Employee Health Employee Experience Employer Branding

Employee Brand Ambassadors and The Role of Positive Emotions

Did you know 90 percent of the decisions we make are based on emotion?  Think about what this means at work. When we exp...
4 min read time
Employee Benefits Digitalisation

3 Ways Companies Can Use Technology to Individualise Employee Benefits

As consumers, we all want to be seen as individuals. As such, we expect services and products to match our needs and int...
5 min read time
Employee Engagement Employee Experience

Why Digital Onboarding Will Be the Future of Recruitment

Technology has always played a role in employee experience, but today, it is inseparable, shaping how we work, interact,...
6 min read time
Employee Experience Employer Branding

Purposeful Company Culture and How Rewards Can Contribute

In today's war for talent, some companies find it easier to attract candidates than others. Why? It's simple - they have...
5 min read time