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Employee Communication: Challenges of a Widespread Workforce

With 26,000 employees, Ambea are the leading providers of health and social care in the Nordic countries. Most of their ...
8 min read time
Employee Engagement Employee Experience Digitalisation

HR Technology: Using Data to Improve Performance

Throughout the employee lifecycle  - from recruitment and onboarding to development opportunities and offboarding - toda...
6 min read time
Employee Communication

Employee Communication Tools: How To Choose The Right One

In 2021, effective communication has become ever more critical today, where remote working and greater work flexibility ...
4 min read time
Employee Benefits Employee Health

Financial Wellbeing - How Health Insurance Can Support UK Employees

The ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are having a significant impact on the world’s mental and physical health. ...
3 min read time

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Employee Engagement

Licensing Software: Why It's Better than Buying or Building

For every company today, having the right software in place is crucial for operational efficiency and providing an outst...
7 min read time
Employee Experience Employee Communication

Employee Communication App: Why you Need one for Employees

In the digital world we live in today, where the smartphone is attached to us like a newly formed limb, organisations ev...
4 min read time
Employee Communication

Employee Communication Tips from Leading Organisations

In addition to global benefits administration, with our award-winning, market-leading global benefits and total rewards ...
6 min read time
Employee Experience

Offboarding: Make a Positive Last(ing) Impression

Everyone knows the expression “first impressions count”, and there’s perhaps no greater truth to this than in recruitmen...
4 min read time