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6 steps to ensure your multigenerational workforce are getting the most out of their benefits

While every employee has their wants and needs depending on their life circumstances, benefits regarding health and well...
5 min read time
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Communication that combines consistent culture and localised messaging

Whether your work environment is hybrid, onsite, remote, or in different countries, it's more important than ever that e...
6 min read time
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We went to The Future of Insurance Europe 2022!

Brendan Kelley, Head of Provider Sales, attended the Future of Insurance Expo this year. We asked him to share with us h...
5 min read time
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Find out how Santa provides for his workforce

“I wish I could organise my reindeers and elves that work with me all around the world in a better way. Last year, we dr...
4 min read time
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How can companies help the stressed-out sandwich generation?

What is the sandwich generation? The sandwich generation is defined as a group of middle-aged adults who care both for t...
5 min read time
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How do global businesses prepare for changing conditions when considering their benefits?

It’s been a testing time for the 213 million global businesses what with the pandemic, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the...
5 min read time
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How to increase financial wellness in your workplace

Did you know that 4 out of 10 employees say they feel worried about their financial situation? Numerous studies have sho...
4 min read time
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How are companies using technology and data to determine the best benefits?

Many companies are using HR tech to streamline their business processes, everything from admin to onboarding to internal...
5 min read time