How SPIE Improved Employee Communication and Total Reward Awareness

Last updated: 2023-09-265 min read time
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With 47,000 employees around the world, being able to reach and engage every single one of their employees was of the utmost importance to SPIE, an independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications.

Simply put, when it comes to technology, companies must keep up, or they will fall behind. HR leaders from today’s leading, forward-thinking organisations understand how cloud-based solutions can help them create unique, personalised digital experiences for their employees, improve employee communication and increase employee engagement.

Most employees of SPIE work outside of the office – they’re on the road visiting clients or working from the clients’ place of business. Therefore, ensuring all employees receive company news and updates and can access information about their employment is vital. Although SPIE offers its employees a generous compensation and benefits package, the company had trouble communicating its offer to its employees.

Stepping onto the Platform

Fortunately, today, technology has given employers like SPIE the ability to communicate with their workforce and create greater awareness of employment information. Don’t miss our post on how both HR and employees can leverage technology. 

SPIE contacted Benify to find a solution that could help them. “Our employees told us that they needed information but struggled to find it; that’s when I contacted Benify to see what they had to offer – and they perfectly matched our needs,” says Jolien Driesen, Compensation & Benefits Manager at SPIE.

With the help of Benify, SPIE launched its global benefits and total rewards platform, which includes a powerful, integrated communication engine and employee app. Employee App

Reaching Employees through an App

Since many SPIE employees are without access to a computer during work hours, smartphones and employee apps are critical.

Our 2020 study of 5,000 employees reveals that 56% of employees in Sweden, 49% in the UK, and 48% in Germany say it is important to them that they can access their employee benefits platform on their phone.

The study also reveals three channels that employees say they would like their employers to use more frequently: chat tools, SMS/text messages, and push notifications in mobile apps.

With workforces everywhere working from home to a greater extent due to the corona pandemic, using an employee app enables employers to get closer to their employees. Be sure to read this post on why your company needs an employee app

Consistent Experience Across Platforms

Using cloud-based technology allows employers to create and provide a consistent digital employee experience for every employee. It ensures that all employees receive the same access to critical information whether they’re using a computer or an app on their smartphone or tablet.

Being that Benify offers a cloud-based solution, employees can use the Benify app with all the same functionality as the desktop version. “Many of our employees don’t have access to a laptop, so they use the app instead, which has the exact same information as the online platform. We can send our employees targeted communication, and they can log in and access their personal platform with one click, where they only see information relevant to them,” explains Driesen.

By accessing the platform via the app, employees can read messages, stay up to date on important company news, enrol in employee benefits digitally, and view their compensation wherever they are and whenever it’s most convenient.Total reward

Personalized and Relevant Information

While having access to information is important, what’s even more important is that the information is personalized and relevant. Every day we are bombarded with e-mails, app notifications, and text messages. The fact is it’s not personal, it’s not going to be read.

The extensive filtering capabilities inside SPIE’s platform mean that employees only see information that’s relevant to them. What’s more, to ensure relevancy, SPIE can create messages and then send those messages via e-mail, push notification, or as a message inside the platform to specific individuals, groups, regions, or even those who are eligible for a particular benefit.

Making sure employees are informed has never been easier. If SPIE wants to notify its employees of a new benefit or a change to an existing benefit or remind its employees that they can view their total reward and get an illustrated breakdown of their total compensation digitally, it can be done with ease.

Want to read more about SPIE and how they use their Benify platform? Download the SPIE client case