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How will work benefits help hard-hit employees during inflation?

Inflation will bite hard in 2022 according to predictions, and therefore people will have to watch their pennies and tig...
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Employee Benefits Employee Experience

Benefits are key for employee retention and acquisition

Almost every business is familiar with the following story: a recruitment drive gets underway; potential candidates are ...
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Employee Engagement Employee Wellbeing

Top 5 tips to increase employees’ mental resilience

The dictionary definition of resilience is the ability of a person to adjust to or recover from illness or major life ch...
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Employee Engagement Meet a Client Employer Branding

Work benefits help strengthen company brand

In The Future of Work Report, 40% of Swedes felt that a company’s brand and image was important, whereas 38% of U.K. res...
4 min read time
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Meet a Client Employee Benefits Total Reward

How do rewards and benefits make employees more productive

Every business wants to get the best out of their employees. There are many ways to this through, for example, training ...
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Employee Engagement Employee Benefits

The great resignation? It should be the great retention!

The great resignation was said to have started back in early 2021 in the USA where employees voluntarily quit their jobs...
4 min read time
Employee Benefits Total Reward

The top 5 global reward and benefit trends your company needs to know about

With the new year in full swing, you should also keep yourself up-to-date with the latest work rewards and benefit trend...
5 min read time
Employee Engagement Employee Benefits

The Future of Work is a Hybrid Workplace

When the Covid pandemic took hold at the start of 2020 and country after country went into lockdown, many businesses won...
4 min read time