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Communication that combines consistent culture and localised messaging

Whether your work environment is hybrid, onsite, remote, or in different countries, it's more important than ever that e...
6 min read time
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HR Trendspotting 2023

A new year means new possibilities and a chance to start afresh with new and strong resolutions by putting employees fir...
5 min read time
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Current and Future trends with our Chief Product Officer

Alfred Gerum has built products that people love for 30 years and has, amongst other things, a background in software fo...
5 min read time
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Can technology help growing concern over the cost of living crisis?

How is the cost of living crisis affecting people globally? The cost of living crisis has become more problematic with r...
6 min read time
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How can companies help the stressed-out sandwich generation?

What is the sandwich generation? The sandwich generation is defined as a group of middle-aged adults who care both for t...
5 min read time
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What are employees’ non-negotiable benefits? How to avoid losing talent through dealbreakers.

You’ve probably heard the phrase: it’s not all about salary. You’ve also probably heard that providing the right benefit...
5 min read time
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How can employees work at an optimum level without burning-out?

The World Health Organization (WHO) classified burnout as an occupational disease back in 2019. The symptoms include lac...
5 min read time
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How does HR technology improve family well-being?

There have been many stresses and strains on family situations over the last few years, and none have been more acute th...
4 min read time